How WorkJam’s CEO Is Transforming Retail Workforce Management (Podcast)

Steve Kramer, CEO and founder of WorkJam, has a storied career in the retail technology industry, spanning over 25 years. His journey began in 1999 with the launch of iCongo, an e-commerce software company based in Montreal. iCongo eventually merged with its European competitor Hybris, which was later acquired by SAP in 2013. Kramer stayed with SAP for two years before returning to his entrepreneurial roots. He identified a significant gap in how organizations managed and communicated with their frontline workers, leading to the inception of WorkJam in 2014.

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Addressing Workforce Challenges

Kramer noted that as early as 2014, retail executives were increasingly concerned about managing a millennial workforce and the broader socio-economic issues affecting hourly workers. This led to the development of WorkJam, a platform designed to enhance communication, scheduling, and task management for frontline employees. The platform aims to drive operational efficiency and improve business outcomes.

Real-World Impact

One notable success story is JCPenney, a large retailer with around 70,000 employees. Initially, JCPenney implemented WorkJam to improve flexible scheduling and communication. The impact was profound: a 10% reduction in employee attrition and a significant increase in employee referrals. This highlights the broader benefits of effective workforce management beyond mere operational efficiency.

Technology Integration

WorkJam’s flexibility is one of its strengths. The platform is device-agnostic, supporting both Android and Apple devices, and is also accessible via web and shared store devices. Additionally, WorkJam can integrate with other collaboration tools like Microsoft Teams and Salesforce, ensuring seamless adoption across various user levels within an organization.

The Future of WorkJam and Retail Workforce

Looking ahead, Kramer envisions a future where AI significantly enhances retail operations without replacing frontline workers. WorkJam is committed to continuous innovation, particularly in improving the user experience. With a global presence and plans to expand further, WorkJam is poised to address universal workforce management challenges.


Steve Kramer’s WorkJam is revolutionizing how retail organizations manage their frontline workers. By focusing on communication, scheduling, and operational efficiency, WorkJam not only solves immediate business problems but also fosters a more engaged and loyal workforce.

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