What Can Salesforce’s AI Do?

At the heart of Salesforce’s transformative journey in the retail sector is Rob Garf, a visionary with an impressive 25-year tenure in global retail. His multifaceted career spans roles as a retail practitioner at leading companies like Lids and Marshalls, an industry analyst at AMR Research, a strategy consultant at IBM, and now, a pivotal figure in software leadership at Salesforce. This diverse background equips him with a unique perspective on the retail industry’s evolving challenges and opportunities.

A Rich Tapestry of Retail Experience

Rob’s journey in the retail space is characterized by a deep understanding of the sector’s nuances from various vantage points. His experience as a practitioner provided him with firsthand insights into the operational and strategic aspects of retail management. Transitioning to roles as an industry analyst and a strategy consultant allowed him to analyze trends, forecast industry shifts, and advise businesses on navigating the complex retail landscape effectively. Now, at Salesforce, Rob leverages this wealth of knowledge to drive innovation and transformation in retail through technology.

Leading the Charge in AI Integration

Under Rob’s leadership, Salesforce is spearheading the integration of artificial intelligence (AI) into retail operations, aiming to remove friction and personalize the shopping experience across multiple channels. His vision extends beyond mere technology adoption, focusing on embedding AI into the natural workflow, thereby enhancing efficiency and enabling more meaningful customer interactions.

A Voice for the Industry

Rob is not only a leader within Salesforce but also a recognized voice in the broader retail industry. As a frequent speaker at industry events and a member of the NRF’s Digital Council, he contributes valuable insights and thought leadership that shape the direction of retail’s digital transformation. His engagement with these platforms demonstrates his commitment to not just witnessing but actively influencing the future of retail.

The Blueprint for Success: The Yeti Case Study

A testament to Rob’s strategic vision is Salesforce’s collaboration with Yeti, where digital and physical retail realms converge to create a seamless customer experience. This partnership highlights the potential of leveraging a 360-degree view of the consumer to deliver personalized interactions across all touchpoints. Rob’s role in this success story illustrates how strategic foresight, combined with technological innovation, can lead to groundbreaking retail models.

Emphasizing the Human Element

Amidst the technological advancements, Rob consistently emphasizes the importance of the human element in retail—both in terms of customer experience and employee engagement. His approach reflects an understanding that the value of technology lies in its ability to solve real-world problems for people, whether they are customers or employees. This perspective is crucial in ensuring that technological innovations remain grounded in human-centric solutions.

A Vision for the Future

Looking forward, Rob Garf envisions a retail industry that is more integrated, personalized, and efficient, thanks to the strategic application of AI and data analytics. His leadership at Salesforce is not just about adapting to current trends but about setting the stage for the next wave of retail evolution. As the retail sector continues to navigate its digital transformation, Rob’s experience, vision, and leadership position him—and Salesforce—at the forefront of this exciting journey.


Rob Garf’s extensive background and innovative leadership at Salesforce are catalyzing a new era in retail, marked by AI-driven transformations that promise to redefine both customer and employee experiences. As the industry evolves, his insights and strategies offer valuable guidance for retailers looking to navigate the complexities of digital integration and customer engagement in the 21st century.



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