Amazon Launches Innovative Financing Program for UK Small and Medium Businesses

Title: Amazon and YouLend Join Forces to Facilitate Innovative Financing for UK SMEs

Amazon, in a remarkable partnership with YouLend, has introduced a pioneering financing scheme targeted at aiding small businesses selling on by granting them easy access to funds. The novel financing scheme, referred to as a merchant cash advance, is structured to bolster businesses by offering adaptable repayment conditions in tune with their sales. The initiative underscores Amazon’s objective to stimulate growth and prosperity for small and medium enterprises (SMEs) within its marketplace.

Securing Accessible Financing:
Amazon’s alliance with YouLend heralds a new era of revenue-based financing for qualifying UK businesses. This model provides the opportunity for merchants to upscale their businesses, augment their stock, procure new machinery, and boost their marketing strategies. The financing comes with clear and fixed rates, enabling businesses to effectively plan repayments and maintain healthy cash flow.

Effortless Application Process:
The merchant cash advance application process is designed to be effortless and straightforward. Businesses can obtain funds ranging from £500 to £2 million, depending on their ability to afford, without extensive documentation. Applications can be processed through an existing Amazon UK business account. On approval, sellers pay a single predetermined fee, with repayments linked to a percentage of their future Amazon sales, offering protection during slower periods and aligning repayment with their business performance.

Broadening Financing Solutions:
Amazon, hosting over 100,000 UK SMEs and brands, is committed to nurturing a community that encourages growth and opportunities. The partnership with YouLend further diversifies Amazon’s financing options, adapting to the various needs of businesses. The merchant cash advance complements Amazon Lending’s existing fixed-term business loans, granting sellers a more extensive selection of choices to match their unique demands.

Boosting Small Businesses:
Samarth Gogia, GM B2B Payments & Lending at Amazon, stated the company’s commitment to addressing the funding requirements of Amazon sellers. Through the launch of the merchant cash advance program with YouLend, Amazon aspires to equip sellers to optimize their cash flow and invest confidently in their businesses. This cooperation represents Amazon’s promise to bolster small businesses and propel their growth within the marketplace.

Swift, Adaptable, and Cost-effective Financing:
YouLend, a notable financing provider with a history of delivering quick and flexible solutions, teams up with Amazon to afford UK businesses with accessible funding. Jakob Pethick, Chief Commercial Officer of YouLend, reiterated the company’s vision to support businesses and facilitate their growth through affordable financing options. YouLend’s revenue-based financing grants Amazon sellers the chance to flourish and amplify their businesses sustainably.

Addressing the Crisis with Solution:
Raymond Pucci, Research Director of Worldwide Consumer and Small Business Lending at International Data Corp (IDC), underscored the importance of the Amazon-YouLend merchant cash advance program. With mainstream bank lenders implementing stricter commercial loan standards, this novel funding source fills a pivotal void for small and medium businesses, especially startups and those who do not qualify for standard term loans. This program delivers a rapid, accessible, and flexible credit alternative, enabling successful business operation.

Eligibility and Application:
The merchant cash advance is open to businesses with a minimum of three months’ trading history on Amazon. Amazon operates as an intermediary, showcasing merchant cash advance offers to sellers via Seller Central. Sellers can verify their eligibility, examine the offers, and then send them to YouLend for confirmation and approval. This smooth process ensures quick access to the required financing.

The collaboration of Amazon with YouLend to provide a merchant cash advance represents a crucial milestone in supporting UK-based businesses selling on This inventive financing program brings much-needed relief, especially in a changing economic landscape.

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