The Rising Influence of Tennis on Fashion Trends

Recent research from WGSN, a global authority on consumer and design trends, underscores the profound influence of tennis on the fashion landscape. This article explores WGSN’s key findings, detailing how an uptick in tennis participation is driving changes in consumer fashion choices and preferences.

Surge in Global Tennis Participation:

WGSN’s analysis, drawing from the International Tennis Federation’s 2021 Global Tennis Report, notes a 5% increase in tennis players worldwide, totaling over 87 million active participants. This growth stands out in an era where many sports saw declines, highlighting tennis’s unique appeal as a socially distanced-friendly sport.

Tennis as a Social and Fashion Statement:

The sport has evolved into a social phenomenon that transcends traditional gameplay, becoming a statement of fashion and inclusivity. WGSN highlights how the USTA’s 2021 initiatives have successfully repositioned tennis as more accessible and diverse, removing its elite sport stigma and appealing to a broader demographic.

WGSN’s data reveals significant year-over-year growth in tennis-themed apparel:

  • Increase in Tennis-Themed Apparel: A 7% rise in styles tagged with “tennis” compared to the previous year.
  • Growth in Pleated Skirts: Pleated skirts, synonymous with tennis, increased by 2% year-over-year, now constituting 24% of the skirts mix.

Emergence of #Tenniscore:

Identified early by WGSN, the #tenniscore trend symbolizes the intersection of prep, activewear, and luxury. This trend has been gaining momentum as brands explore combining traditional sports attire with modern fashion elements to attract and engage new audiences.

Brands Capitalizing on the Tennis Trend:

Fashion houses are not just observers but active participants in promoting tennis-inspired fashion. Partnerships like Gucci with Jannik Sinner and Louis Vuitton with Rayssa Leal highlight the strategic melding of sports endorsements with fashion branding, enhancing appeal among trend-sensitive consumers.


WGSN’s insights demonstrate that tennis is not merely influencing fashion trends but is at the forefront of defining new sartorial norms. The sport’s ability to merge functionality with luxury and inclusivity is expected to drive further innovation in fashion design and marketing strategies.

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