Conversational Shopping and the decline of traditional digital with Casey Neistat

If you’re doing what everyone else is doing, you’re doing it wrong.

Casey Neistat

Some of you may be asking who is Casey Neistat and what does he have to do with Conversational transactions, Casey is not a Bot or AI, however sometimes he may seem out of this world, you can check out his YouTube channel here

I discovered Casey via Samsung and the 2016 Oscars seven months ago, Casey also won the GQ New Media Star Award 2016

However, what does all of this have to do with me, you, technology platforms and conversational shopping? Casey is the Jedi Master of creating rich, engaging content and narrative using the appropriate medium and or technology available drones, cameras, mobile devices, even his own hands or body to tell almost any story.

His stories are engaging and sometimes inspiring, but most importantly they engage. Now think about your marketing strategy, the online shopping experience, path to purchase and customer experience, coupled with abandoned shopping cart statistics. How many of those shopping carts failed to engage or to create an ongoing two-way dialogue. How many conversations lead to higher footfall and converted clicks to transactions?

There is a way to build a new technology architecture blueprint/platform’s to enhance the conversation, but for now, we can say that you need to “Casey Neistat” your path to purchase, remember this is not about curated online experiences, but the digital transformation of your traditional lines of business, incorporating real-time actionable analytics/content into a true bidirectional digital business, digital experiences that provide bespoke personalised narrated conversations via the most appropriate technology available mixed reality, video, voice and or text.

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