Amazon Blockchain Breaks the Internet

What would happen if 3 Billion Internet users across the globe, could for the first time bypass the intermediaries for transaction, ledger, identity and delivery – Glocalisation Local but yet Global?

Okay there is no Amazon Blockchain that I know of and the internet is not broken but what if?

Just for the record, the below is hypothetical and for discussion purposes only. I appreciate the certain constraints that would need to be covered.

However, what if an organisation or group of organisations with the scale and dominance of Amazon or Alibaba decided to liberate their customers to create a peer to peer shopping experience?

What would happen to physical retailers and the retail intermediaries and the need for those intermediaries?

Would this be the start of an actual global digital economy/currency or an expansion of Bitcoin underpinned by the world’s largest online stores? Would global currencies be impacted? Would governments and other traditional organisations scramble to defend their established industries?

Would Blockchain be allowed to change the world?

What do you think?

Would you like to learn more, let me know.
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