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How Does P&G Innovate to Lead the Market?

In a recent dialogue at Shoptalk US 2024, Unlocking Market Growth, Shailesh Jejurikar, the Chief Operating Officer of P&G, engaged with Brian Sozzi, Executive Editor at Yahoo Finance, shedding light on P&G’s innovation-centric strategy. The conversation unveiled the core of P&G’s success—its relentless focus on understanding consumer needs and leveraging this insight to drive market growth. This article explores the key takeaways from their exchange, emphasizing P&G’s innovative prowess and strategic supply chain enhancements.

Consumer-Centric Innovation

P&G’s history of innovation is marked by a deep understanding of consumer lifestyles and needs. Jejurikar illustrated this with the evolution of P&G’s product lines, such as the transition from synthetic detergents to compact, waterless cleaning solutions like Tide Pods. This approach not only addresses changing consumer behaviours but also significantly reduces environmental impact, highlighting P&G’s commitment to sustainability.

Mastering Supply Chain Dynamics

Amidst evolving retail landscapes, P&G’s focus shifts toward optimizing on-shelf and online product availability. Jejurikar pointed out that the true opportunity lies in viewing the supply chain as a unified system, from suppliers to retailers, aiming for efficiency and reduced environmental footprint. P&G’s innovative ‘Supply Chain 3.0’ program epitomizes this direction, promising substantial reductions in unloading times and enhancing overall supply chain responsiveness.

The Quest for On-Shelf Availability

The conversation highlighted a persistent challenge in the retail industry—maintaining on-shelf product availability. P&G’s strategy involves a holistic view of the supply chain to ensure products are readily available for consumers, addressing root causes of shortages and adapting SKU assortments to match consumer demand more accurately.

Leveraging Automation and AI

Jejurikar’s insights into P&G’s investment in automation and AI reflect a broader industry trend towards technology-driven efficiency. By integrating data across the supply chain and employing autonomous vehicles in warehouses, P&G aims to meet future demands more effectively, showcasing the potential for technology to revolutionize retail operations.

Global Perspectives and Consumer Insights

Reflecting on global challenges, Jejurikar underscored the universal importance of on-shelf availability and the dynamic nature of the retail landscape. P&G’s commitment to understanding and meeting consumer needs, whether through home visits or advanced sensor technology, remains central to its strategy for sustained growth.


P&G’s dialogue at Shoptalk US with Shailesh Jejurikar offers invaluable insights into the mechanisms driving innovation and growth in the retail sector. By centring consumer needs, embracing technological advancements, and optimizing supply chain operations, P&G not only cements its position as a market leader but also sets a benchmark for sustainability and efficiency in the industry.

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