Ashley Kechter, Brand President of Fabletics

Fabletics: Pioneering a Flexible Retail Model

Ashley Kechter, Brand President of Fabletics, shared at the World Retail Congress how Fabletics has been reshaping the retail experience. As a decade-old premium activewear brand with a robust presence in Southern California and offices across Europe, Fabletics has disrupted the market with a customer-focused subscription model that provides significant value and personalization.

The Vision Membership Program: A Decade of Success

The cornerstone of Fabletics’ model, the Vision Membership Program, allows customers to build recurring revenue and engage with the brand on a personal level. The flexibility inherent in the program allows members to skip a month without fees, offering a tailored approach to subscription models that forge a deeper connection with the customer base.

Hyper-localization for Global Expansion

Acknowledging the unique challenges and opportunities of international markets, Kechter highlighted the company’s strategy for global expansion. The focus on hyper-localization — adjusting their membership model and marketing strategies to fit different cultural nuances — is critical as the brand ventures beyond the US.

Engagement through Flexibility and Events

Fabletics prides itself on flexibility in membership, where customers can decide their level of involvement, whether it’s opting for member pricing with the ability to skip or investing in a membership that offers $100 credit every month. This flexibility extends to in-store experiences across their 100 US stores, where members enjoy exclusive events and can directly influence product choices through feedback on prints and colors.

The Power of Influencers and Changing Consumer Behavior

With a robust influencer program, Fabletics harnesses the power of tastemakers to drive sales and add authenticity to their products. By acknowledging the shifting landscapes of content consumption, particularly among Gen Z and millennials, Fabletics adapts its strategy to create content that resonates across preferred channels like TikTok and YouTube.

Sustainability in Performance Activewear

Sustainability is a prime focus for Fabletics, which strives to balance high-quality performance wear with eco-friendly practices. Through partnerships with companies like ThredUp and a commitment to recycled fibers and carbon-neutral processes, Fabletics is addressing the challenges of sustainable production without compromising product quality.

Looking Ahead: Embracing Change and Enhancing Experience

As Fabletics looks to the future, Kechter emphasizes the importance of evolving with the changing content landscape and enhancing customer experience both online and in-store. The goal is to create more profound, authentic connections with customers, which she believes will be the driving force for brand success.


Fabletics, with its innovative approach to retail, combining personalization, community, and sustainability, stands at the vanguard of the industry. The insights shared by Ashley Kechter at the World Retail Congress underline Fabletics’ commitment to its customers and its readiness to adapt and thrive in a dynamic global market.

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