Unifying the Organization to Enable Seamless Shopping

Elevating Global Retail: Unified Strategies, Omnichannel Excellence, and Cultural Shifts

Retail leaders are focused on delivering a seamless omnichannel experience. Insights from executives at Chalhoub Group, Holland & Barrett International, and Camper reveal strategies centred on unification, data integration, and cultural transformation at Shoptalk Europe 2024.

Unified Retail Strategies

Amit Keswani, Chief Omnichannel Officer at Chalhoub Group, emphasizes the importance of a unified retail strategy. Chalhoub Group, a major player in the Middle East and Africa, integrates product marketing, analytics, and group loyalty to create a superior customer experience. Amit highlights the group’s three pillars: people, data, and technology. By investing in Shalhoub University, the group upskills employees to be digitally omnichannel, ensuring everyone from store consultants to GMs are aligned with the customer-centric vision.

Omnichannel Excellence

Lidia Muravieva, Director of Perfect Transaction at Holland & Barrett International, explains their approach to omnichannel excellence. The company has restructured to ensure end-to-end customer experience integration. By moving closer to technology, Lidia’s team supports data-driven decision-making and cross-functional collaboration. This transformation includes building a comprehensive data stack and ensuring that all operational metrics align with customer satisfaction.

Cultural Transformation

Isabelle Aberman, Global Retail Director at Camper, shares how cultural transformation is crucial for seamless integration. The company has undergone a significant reorganization, adopting OKRs (Objectives and Key Results) to ensure transparency and alignment across departments. Training and clear communication are key to changing mindsets and ensuring staff at all levels understand and embrace the new processes.

Data-Driven Decisions

A common theme among these leaders is the reliance on data to drive decisions. Both Chalhoub Group and Holland & Barrett International are building robust data infrastructures. By ensuring data accuracy and implementing advanced analytics, they can provide personalized customer experiences and optimize operational efficiency. This data-centric approach allows for better customer insights and more effective marketing strategies.

Investment in Technology

Investment in technology is another critical focus. Chalhoub Group is enhancing its omnichannel capabilities by integrating various technologies to support store consultants and streamline customer journeys. Holland & Barrett International are centralizing their technology operations to ensure scalability and competitiveness. This includes developing new systems to support customer interactions across all channels.


The retail industry is witnessing a transformative shift towards unified strategies, omnichannel excellence, and cultural change. Leaders from Chalhoub Group, Holland & Barrett International, and Camper are setting the pace by investing in people, data, and technology. Their efforts ensure that customers receive a seamless and personalized experience, regardless of the channel or region.

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